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Nation and Badilla Investigations offers the following services for your consideration:

BACKGROUND INVESTIGATIONS - We are certified by Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission (POST) to conduct background investigations for law enforcement candidates. Both partners have extensive experience conducting background investigations for law enforcement as well as civilian applicants. Bill Nation was assigned to the CHP's Central Division Background Investigation Unit for five years. In this assignment he conducted pre-employment investigations for applicants applying for law enforcement positions, and non law enforcement positions. Steve Badilla served in the Department's Personnel and Training Division as the supervisor for the Cadet Hiring Unit. In this assignment, he directed and managed the Department's pre-employment screening processes for law enforcement and non law enforcement positions. In this assignment Steve reviewed and approved background investigations for the Department's eight Divisions. He also developed and wrote three separate policies relating to the background investigations for all new hires on the CHP. Both partners are well versed and competent at gathering information and composing a detailed report that will facilitate a confident hiring decision for the client.

PERSONNEL INVESTIGATIONS - Both partners are well versed in the rules and regulations that apply to personnel investigations, sexual harassment, discrimination, and whistleblower complaints. Each partner has over thirty years of experience conducting a variety of investigations, including those that relate to complaints of harassment and discrimination, hostile work environment, unfair labor practices, and employee misconduct.

Employers and managers are often alerted to allegations of employee misconduct from a variety of sources. Whether the misconduct presents itself as a result of an audit or inquiry, or the allegation arises as a result of a complaint from a fellow employee, client, or supervisor, it is the employer’s responsibility to act decisively to address the presented concern. Due diligence is an absolute requirement of employers and managers when addressing employee misconduct. This is not only necessary to maintain morale but also to demonstrate there is a focused effort toward nurturing a professional work environment. How an employer responds to a complaint is not only critical to assuage the possibility of a lawsuit, but it also sends a powerful message that unprofessional behavior will not be tolerated in the workplace, which nurtures employee morale and maintains a positive relationship between employees and management.

It should come as no surprise to experienced managers that claims asserting sexual harassment, discrimination, and hostile work environment are on the rise. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) cited 93,727 complaints of discrimination were submitted during the 2013 fiscal year alone.

It is often in an employer's best interest to seek the assistance from an outside investigator when addressing an allegation of employee misconduct. This action demonstrates the employer is committed to addressing the problem in an objective and unbiased manner. Nation and Badilla Investigations has decades of experience conducting personnel investigations regarding employee misconduct, including those issues relating to allegations of sexual harassment, discrimination, and hostile work environment. As experienced managers, we also recognize an administrative investigation could potentially disrupt the work environment and strain employee morale. Our goal is to conduct an objective and impartial investigation in a professional and respectful manner. This professionalism begins with the client and is extended to all parties interviewed and contacted during the course of the investigation. Our intent is to nurture cooperation and support of the investigative process in order to maintain a positive work environment.

Regarding our experience and training, both partners at Nation and Badilla Investigations received training as administrative investigators and initial Equal Employment Opportunity Commission training and certification as EEOC investigators. Our experience conducting, directing, and approving administrative investigations has occurred on a continuing basis since that initial training. In doing so, we have worked with California Highway Patrol Managers, Attorneys, City Human Resource Managers and Directors, School District Superintendents and Principals, County Board of Education Superintendents, and State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies. Our experience and training has aptly prepared Nation and Badilla Investigations to proficiently conduct administrative investigations relating to a allegations of employee misconduct.

AOE / COE INVESTIGATIONS - Nation and Badilla Investigations is also experienced in conducting comprehensive Worker Compensation AOE/COE investigations. These investigations specifically focus on evaluating the circumstances of an employee injury claim.

A comprehensive AOE (Arising Out of Employment) / COE (Course Of Employment) investigation is critically important and should be undertaken as soon as the employer receives a Worker Compensation claim. The evidence, which is needed to establish the facts of how the injury occurred, diminishes as time passes. Witness statements can change substantially over time as memory fades.

As a Captain with one of the largest California law enforcement agencies, Bill Nation has over twelve years of experience completing or directing AOE / COE investigations. As an Assistant Chief, Steve Badilla coordinated an Occupational Safety Program for over one thousand employees. This assignment required his review and approval for employee injury claims. As personnel managers, Bill Nation and Steve Badilla were responsible for preparing, reviewing, and approving all AOE/COE Investigations occurring within their respective commands. This experience has provided an adept working knowledge of the information and observations that are necessary to complete a thorough AOE/COE Investigation report.

Nation and Badilla Investigations recognize the urgency for our clients to receive a detailed report expeditiously. We commit to submitting a completed report as soon as possible so the client can effectively determine the legitimacy and cause of the injury claimed.